Welcome to Rotary eClub One.

Welcome to Rotary eClub One.
November is Rotary Foundation Month
(by Rotary eClub One Board Member Charlie)

This is a great time for every Rotarian to pledge their personal commitment to The Rotary Foundation (TRF). To most Rotarians in the world, making a personal financial commitment to support TRF is something that goes hand-in-hand with being a Rotarian.

Some clubs collect funds for TRF directly in the dues, many clubs do not. In that case we ask that every member make that commitment directly to TRF through recurring giving on the Rotary International website tool known as Rotary Direct.

Rotary Direct allows Rotarians to make automatic recurring gifts to TRF in any amount over US $10. You set it up just one time in minutes and then your gifts become automatic. Gifts can be set up to happen automatically every month, once per year, or other regular periods. Gifts can be made from most major credit cards and in many different currencies. You can use the Rotary Direct form by copy/paste in your browser https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/document/rotary-direct-rotarys-recurring-giving-program-form or call 866-976-8279 (US) to set up your recurring gift. In any case, please select “Annual Fund-SHARE” to insure credit towards your club’s annual giving goal.

Rotary International’s goal is to have every member contribute a minimum of US $100 this year and every year. Setting up recurring giving of US $10/month will more than meet this goal. Every member who contributes US $100/year is recognized as a TRF Sustaining Member. If you are a US citizen, all gifts to TRF are fully tax deductible.

Do this just one time, and you will have the peace of mind that you are supporting humanitarian and educational projects throughout the Rotary world in this Rotary Foundation Month, and every month. Your gift to TRF helps suffering people around the world and changes lives for the better every day. Thank you in advance for your support of The Rotary Foundation.

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President's Message NOVEMBER 2014

Hello fellow Rotary eClub One members and Welcome all Rotarians visiting our website. November is one of my favorite months. The air is cool and crisp allowing me to wear my favorite sweaters. In the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day that is celebrated by some and seen as a day of sad remembrance by others. If we look at this day through the lens of Rotary we could see it as a day when we are thankful for those we love and helpful to those in need or do not have their loved ones with them for Thanksgiving dinner.

There were many Thanksgiving dinners when I was growing up where we found strangers at our table. These were usually young servicemen who did not have family to eat with. These experiences for me have lead me to see Thanksgiving through the lens of Rotary.

Of course, we do not need to wait for a special day to invite someone we know who may be far from home or without family for a meal or even a cup of coffee and fellowship. Perhaps one day you may have an opportunity to have dinner in a place far from home with someone who invites you into their home for a meal, coffee and fellowship.

I hope to see as many of my fellow Rotary eClub One members for dinner in April in Boulder Colorado as is possible. Thank you to all who are visiting our website.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Tracy Adams

President, Rotary eClub One

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