Welcome to Rotary eClub One.

Welcome to Rotary eClub One.
Rotary members of Tuzla (Bosnia) and Rotaract assess some of the damages
We are proud to be the very first eClub ever created. Our members come from every walk of life and from across the globe. Most of us came here because our schedules didn't allow us to meet the membership requirements of our local club.

Early May of this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina regions have been hit with major floods and mudslides. Major problems include the dislodging of thousand of mines from the last war, new threatening mudslides and constant rain even to this day. The Rotary eClub One Disaster Relief Committee composed of Harshad, Jane A. and Emmanuel have been in contact with the Rotaract club of Tuzla.

Through the Disaster Relief Committee, Rotary eClub One wants to send help in form of money rapidly to a specific person or small group. We do not usually send funds to large international organizations; we prefer to send it to local clubs for them to give to a specific person or a specific family in need. Rotary eClubOne would send the funds to the club for them to present it to the affected people.

The young members of the Rotaract Club of Tuzla are seeing many International groups busy everywhere with large equipment and asked us if we could provide them with individual dehumidifiers for at least ten families almost ready to move back in their homes.

Would you please help us help them get the dehumidifiers they need with a generous donation by clicking on the photo.

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Life Friend of Rotary

Life Friend of Rotary was a New Model Clubs initiative that offered a unique connection between a Rotary club and the wider community.

The "Life Rotary Friend" concept enables a Rotary club to establish a special relationship with an individual who cannot join our Rotary eClubOne as a Rotarian because the person is already a member of another Rotary club or because of other commitments. It is a proven success elsewhere within the Rotary family, and has been adopted by Rotary eClubOne.

A “Life Rotary Friend” may:

  • Participate in club projects or activities
  • Volunteer "in kind" or financial assistance
  • Attend club social events

A “Life Rotary Friend" is expected to protect the integrity of Rotary by advancing the ideals of Rotary International and exemplifies the four-way test.

A "Life Rotary Friend" who is not a Rotarian, may not be designated as a Rotarian, may not wear the Rotary lapel badge. A "Life Rotary Friend" cannot serve on the board of the club that has sponsored the relationship.

Current Life Rotary Friends of Rotary eClubOne:

PDG Bob Aitken
PRIP Bill Boyd
PDG Talee Crowe
PRIP Frank Devlyn
PRIP Cliff Dochterman
PP Gary Fletcher
PDG Norris Hermsmeyer
PDG Diane Kessel
Michael Kirby AC CMG
PP Pat Madison
PP Ted Manning
PDG Mat Matson
PP John Minter
PRIP Bichai Rattakul
PP Joan Richards
PP Harriett Schloer
PP Bernie Zurbriggen

President's Message JULY 2014

Welcome all to opening day of the 2014/2015 Rotary Year!

First and foremost, on behalf of all our members in Rotary eClub One I would like to thank Past President Deb, the club officers and Board members for the excellent job they did last year to move our club forward. Your hard work and diligence did not go unnoticed.

Thank you to all of our members who participated in service projects around the world. Ours is an active and vibrant club. As of July 1 we are 89 members strong thanks to the new members from Australia. With their help we should have a fantastic and productive year ahead.

Fellowship is very important to any Rotary club.  Fellowship in an eClub requires a bit of imagination. The friendships I have developed over the past 3 years are as meaningful as any I had while a member of the Weatherford Rotary Club in Oklahoma. We are constantly striving to find ways to use technology to enhance fellowship and when we can we find time to meet face to face. Improved fellowship is top of our list of things to do.

One way we are able to spend time together is by attending the Rotary eClub One Annual Dinner. Usually it is held on Monday evening during the Rotary International Convention. We had a lovely event in Sydney where a good number of our members were able to attend along with hundreds of other Rotarians and guests. We hope one day you will join us.

This coming year we will return to Colorado for our annual dinner.  We are still in the planning stages, but the dinner is to be hosted in Boulder in combination with the Boulder Rotary club on Wednesday evening, April 29, 2015. This is the Wednesday before District 5450 Conference which will be held on May 1-3. For those Rotary eClub One members who can attend there will hopefully be excursions planned and many opportunities for fellowship and memorable moments.

For those of you who are not Rotary eClub One members, thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find our variety of make-up programs insightful and thought provoking. We welcome feedback. To all, have a lovely day!

Yours in Rotary Service,

Tracy Adams

2014/2015 President, Rotary eClub One

Makeup For A Missed Meeting

When you have missed a meeting at your home club, we offer the best and easiest way to complete a makeup. Search our extensive library of makeup materials. Choose one of interest. We'll take care of the rest.
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