Welcome to Rotary eClub One.

Welcome to Rotary eClub One.
Cannes, April 12, 2014 - Rotary eClub One sponsored the first eClub in France - Click on the photo.
We're proud to be the very first eClub ever created. Our members come from every walk of life and from across the globe. Most of us came here because our schedules didn't allow us to meet the membership requirements of our local club.

Rotary eClubOne was the sponsor of the first e-club in France, District 1740. See on the right the photo of the Rotary e-club of France D1740 President Kate Mailfert exchanging banner with Rotary eClub One Secretary Emmanuel Serrière D5450 during a celebration in the South of France April 12, 2014. Congratulations to the first e-club in France counting already 35 members from 8 countries. Rotary eClub One is very proud to be their sponsors. You can see more photos of this event that took place during a fundraiser to help the International Competition of people with handicap in fencing by clicking on the photo itself.

Could you please help us purchase more boats for the fishermen of Tacloban, Philippines? Please click on "Donation" on the top right banner of this page to see more details about this wonderful Rotary action!

If you're looking for an amazing group of people, and are interested in finding out more about membership within Rotary eClub One, please click the button below.

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Life Friend of Rotary

Life Friend of Rotary was a New Model Clubs initiative that offered a unique connection between a Rotary club and the wider community.

The "Life Rotary Friend" concept enables a Rotary club to establish a special relationship with an individual who cannot join our Rotary eClubOne as a Rotarian because the person is already a member of another Rotary club or because of other commitments. It is a proven success elsewhere within the Rotary family, and has been adopted by Rotary eClubOne.

A “Life Rotary Friend” may:

  • Participate in club projects or activities
  • Volunteer "in kind" or financial assistance
  • Attend club social events

A “Life Rotary Friend" is expected to protect the integrity of Rotary by advancing the ideals of Rotary International and exemplifies the four-way test.

A "Life Rotary Friend" who is not a Rotarian, may not be designated as a Rotarian, may not wear the Rotary lapel badge. A "Life Rotary Friend" cannot serve on the board of the club that has sponsored the relationship.

Current Life Rotary Friends of Rotary eClubOne:

PDG Bob Aitken
PRIP Bill Boyd
PDG Talee Crowe
PRIP Frank Devlyn
PRIP Cliff Dochterman
PP Gary Fletcher
PDG Norris Hermsmeyer
PDG Diane Kessel
PP Pat Madison
PP Ted Manning
PDG Mat Matson
PP John Minter
PRIP Bichai Rattakul
PP Joan Richards
PP Harriett Schloer
PP Bernie Zurbriggen

President's Message APRIL 2014

Hello All

Welcome to this glorious time of year with the changing of seasons.  Enjoy it wherever you are in our Rotary eClub world.    And if you ever wonder where we are in the world do check out the wonderful map that shows where we live.    This map is maintained by our member, Alejandro Castillejo. 

Our eClub helps us to pioneer the intersection of technology and connection.  There is no question that with Emmanuel’s help we now have a website that creates a space for us to connect.  We can begin to identify ways to form relationships with each other as well as carry out the functions of a Rotary club.

One of the ways we can connect occurs when we each take the time to respond to the forums.  Over the last several months, you have been willing to provide us with great insights and feedback about our eClub and its future.   We asked you to participate in a Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities activity as well as to let us know how we can all better connect.   Those forum posts received close to 140 responses.   The information you provided allows us and most especially, President Elect Tracy to take your ideas and help sustain our club.  There were some remarkable consistencies in all of the data.  Our strengths are the fact that we are truly international, access to our club is 24/7 and we are committed Rotarians.  Some concerns about our club include the need to figure out news ways for members to connect and the undercover nature of technology.    Our opportunities were seen as infinite.  That we can continue to grow and expand Rotary was seen as a huge advantage.    Our threats were questions about how to stay relevant.    You also gave us great ideas for connecting more.  These included more information about us on our profiles, changing up the forums and identifying ways to see each other face-to-face.  Many of you commented that some of your life (not just Rotary) highlights have been the International Conferences. 

Almost 30 eClub One members and spouses will be in Sydney for our convention.  Our Monday, June 2nd dinner will be a chance to show off our club and catch up on what each other is doing.  My bags would be packed but that we have a good turnout for our District Conference the first weekend in May.    Heather McCallin reached out to all of us who live in Colorado to meet at the District Conference.  President Elect Tracy will fly in to meet us there.  We welcome Tracy as an honorary Coloradoan for the weekend.

As you know by now, our club numbers are likely to grow by 23 on July 1st.  It is a great honor to welcome great Rotarians from Sydney to our club who are filled with a passion for “service above self” and see our club as a way to continue their Rotary service.   We look forward to meeting them at our Annual Dinner in June.  Special thanks go to Chris Joscelyne who was our bridge with this merger and a special early thank you to Joan Richards who will be our liaison as she introduces Sydney CBD members to our eClub.    As you know we will extend greetings to these new members in July when they join. In the meantime, please be thinking and giving input on how we might extend a warm welcome.  I think our ability to integrate these members in our club will be part of Tracy’s vision for creating stronger connections. 

We so appreciate all your participation.  As you know we have elected a President Elect.  Our incredible secretary, Emmanuel will take on that role.  He got there, in part, because so many of you were willing to take the time to vote. 

So however you choose to engage, we welcome you.  You make us a better and more closely connected club.

In Rotary Electronic Hugs


President, Rotary eClub One, 2013-2014

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